You Spoke, Keith Listened!

Keith has made it his mission to help the people of Peterborough and provide a trusted voice for everyone which can be seen through his fight for funding for vital social services in Peterborough.

During Keith’s second term in office, he has worked on road improvements and resurfacing (including Ashburnham and Otonabee Drives), sidewalk repairs, transit stop accessibility, Rotary Trail lighting and culvert improvements to make getting around in Ashburnham easier no matter your mode of transport.

Ashburnham has seen a growth of businesses in the last four years that will be further enhanced by accessibility at Beavermead Beach and the relocation of the Canoe Museum to Ashburnham Ward. He has extended the growth of business and culture to the rest of Peterborough through working to have the main branch of the Public Library updated and with the refurbishment of the Peterborough Museum.

Keith has served proudly and with distinction over the last four years and his duties have included:

  • Chair of the Fairhaven Long Term Care Board & Member of the Foundation

  • Chair of the Peterborough Accessibility Advisory Council

  • Peterborough Social Services Portfolio

  • Peterborough Seniors’ Portfolio

  • Peterborough Library Board

  • Peterborough Museum Board

  • Joint City-County Services Board (Social Services, Transit, and Waste)

  • Community Investment Grant Board

  • Syrian Refugee Advisory Council

  • Village Business Improvement Area Board for Ashburnham


Authorized by the campaign to re-elect Keith Riel.

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    You can also reach Keith by phone at 705-775-RIEL (7435) 

    Authorized by the campaign to re-elect Keith Riel.