Keith Riel Condemns Plan to Sell PDI Before Election

Peterborough, ON, July 2, 2018: Ashburnham Ward 4 Councillor Keith Riel expressed his concern and dismay about the decision of Mayor Darryl Bennett to resume plans to sell Peterborough Distribution to Hydro One, highlighting misgivings about the loss of a profitable venture for short term gain as well as concerns about the timing of the deal:

“PDI belongs to all the citizens of Peterborough. It is a profitable company that allows a measure of local control. The fact that this is being done within months of an election is not right. The citizens of Peterborough should have the right to vote on this issue when they go to the polls in October. The details of the deal need to be fully explained to the people before the sale, and the election, takes place.

Riel has long been an opponent of the sale of public assets and has spoken passionately about the importance of citizens to be able to voice their opinion with their vote on several occasions.

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Keith Riel To Declare Candidacy on May 1st

Keith Riel To Declare Candidacy on May 1st

Peterborough, ON, April 26, 2018:  Incumbent Ashburnham Ward 4 Candidate will be formally declaring his bid for re-election on Tuesday, May 1st. Riel who has served two terms on city council has spearheaded several improvements to Ashburnham Ward, including the resurfacing of several ward roads, improved accessibility to Beavermead Beach, and increased trail lighting on the Rotary Greenway Trail Link. Riel has also been involved in the refurbishment of the main branch of the Peterborough Public Library, renovations at the Peterborough Library, and has chaired the Peterborough Accessibility Advisory Council.

“I am honoured to have served council for the last two terms and want to continue to be Ashburnham’s strong and trusted voice,” stated Riel, “I want to continue to talk to the people of Ashburnham, and the city of Peterborough, and bring their concerns and ideas to Peterborough City Council.

In addition to being the first day that candidates can legally declare their candidacy, May 1st is also International Worker’s Day.

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